More than just Malala or is it enough?

I was home alone and flipping through the channels on TV looking for something decent to watch. I came upon the Pakistani news channels, that I usually make a note to avoid watching. Malala Yousufzai was all over every news channel. Gruesome and saddening  images of her being  injured, of her being taken to the hospital and in Intensive care were being flashed repeatedly. The news presenters and anchors and hosts couldn’t emphasis enough on the fact that we all should pray for her life and full recovery. There are features being done on Malala’s life and her courage. Documentaries being made. Articles being written. I am with Malala one hundred percent. My prayers are with her and I hope for her full recovery. But what about the many lives that are lost every day because of petty rivalries, ethnic violence, religious extremism? What about those two other girls who got injured alongside Malala Yousufzai?

The news channels keep going on and on about Malala and giving minute by minute report of her condition but in other news seven people were shot dead or a family was murdered just because they refused to give their daughter’s hand in marriage. How about doing a little story on the two friends of Malala’s and telling us how they are doing?

There is this picture circulating on Facebook about how we lost Arfa Karim but we don’t want to lose Malala Yousafzai. I agree to the point that they were (and one of them still is) intelligent  young individuals who could have bought change and earned some name for our country but what about the dozens of lives being taken at random. Don’t they matter? Wouldn’t they have done something if given the chance to earn some name for our country?

Human lives have lost their value in the eyes of many. So many people die in Pakistan just because they are a different race, caste or religion. How about getting our country to pray for them? To pray for the safety of the people. Highlight their plights and issues too. They suffered as well and so are their families because at the end of the day it could be you or me and we will be one of the numbers being shown on the news. Nobody will care except for the people close to us. 


3 thoughts on “More than just Malala or is it enough?

  1. Ghausia says:

    Agreed. Malala matters to me because she represents everything that terrifies Pakistan’s patriarchal system, i.e. a strong, educated, goal-oriented young woman, but there are many others. Malala’s friends were singing a revolutionary song when their bus was stopped, they went to school too. Girls are constantly used to settle blood debts, feuds, monetary debts, etc. but we never talk about them because we simply cannot expose the feudal system that starts from government level and is one of the root causes of misogyny in Pakistan, and we can’t talk about the girls who die in drone attacks because we only oppose drone attacks when it suits our interests but hey, one girl who wants to go to school got attacked, screw the little girls who fucking DIED because the Taliban bombed girls schools, MALALA ROCKS YO!

  2. Nida Rasheed says:

    Reblogged this on nidarasheed and commented:
    people like you are needed, such thoughts and insight is needed.

  3. flotia says:

    Thank you Nida. I will make sure what I have to say is heard.

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