Old pieces of Patheticness

I lost the person I loved and it hurts
I cry for him everyday and miss him every minute and every second of the day
Hating him is impossible for me
However much I want I can never have him back
I still care for him and hurt myself thinking about those good times we shared
I still love him and maybe i will for the rest of my life
I still reach out for him but only to realize that he has gone away
Wherever i go i cry silently for him and never let it show
For the world i have moved on
But it is just an mask of happiness concealing the broken heart within
I love him and i always will
my heart broken never to be mended again

He had become the very essence of my being and without him my life had become incomplete
And now it’ll never be complete again
He took a part of me that i’d never be able to get back
In return he gave me sleepless nights spend crying for him
days that are spent in agony for him
Never will i be able to share with him my happiness and my sorrows
To put my head on his shoulder and forget all my problems and let go of myself
he was my obsession to the point of insanity 
and now i am left to be sane again

Slowly slowly, Bit by bit
im letting him go
my feelings that i’d never show
holding my hand out to pain to come comfort me
I’d never feel that love again
I’d never want a guy like i wanted him
I’d never need a guy like i needed him
I’d never love a guy like i loved him
he was my everything and now my everything has gone away
My love was true and always will be
he was a joy that came and became the most important thing in my life
but he left just as suddenly as he came
Closing my eyes to the life that was
and staring at the life that is without him
he will become the past just like all my laughter and happiness
a bittersweet memory that would eventually fade away


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