Of bombings, bans and keyboard jihadis

Pakistan saw a complete shutdown these last couple of days for Ashura. It’s citizens were home bound with no cellular network. It’s a thought that cannot be fathomed in this age of technology where cell phones have become a basic human necessity, but it happens only in Pakistan.

The reasons that have been given to us are to stop or rather put a dent into the terrorist planning and plotting until they figure out a way around it and go about their usual business. Making bombs, taking innocent human lives, the usual. Our government even had this incredulous idea of banning motorcycles from the roads. Makes one wonder how is banning motorcycles going to help anyone’s cause? Maybe the cases of women harassment and thefts might go down but not the bombing. Oh no, they always find another way.

The ultimate solution to terrorism in Pakistan is to ban things. I do admit it kind of worked and every one spent a peaceful weekend twiddling their thumbs in boredom or drooling over their laptops in an attempt to get some sleep while sitting on their asses the entire day to stay connected to their social life. But is it the permanent solution to all our problems? Would we be subjected to this every time a major religious holiday comes up?

The bombings and target killing in Karachi have escalated to a point where targeted victims are a body count on our news channels and bombings have stopped affecting our daily lives. We still go about our business, making money, hanging out with friends and doing what we do best. There was a time when a small gas explosion would sent the city into complete shut down for the entire next day and people would actually feel for the victims who died in a bomb blast. Now they are just casualties, who happened to be in the wrong place and at the wrong time.

Our news media is a totally different story. They find a certain satisfaction in showing us the view of all that blood and gore in complete detail. Either that or useless pieces of news with ridiculous and cheesy Indian songs to go with in the background. We have uncountable Pakistani news channels in every language possible and on every channel you will find a talk show host/journalist screaming their lungs out alongside a train of guests screaming their lungs out equally or sometimes more. One trying to watch these shows will fail to make sense of what they are saying or what their discussion was about initially because it always ends up as a battlefield with politicians taking out their frustration or personal vendetta onto the other Party’s representative or the host himself.

We always get bombarded with these remarks about how the citizens of this country are doing nothing or not stepping forward to end what is going on in this country. We do nothing about all these bombings and target killings. But the truth is this is how we can hope to make our voice be heard and try to make a difference as a citizen. Call us Keyboard Jihadis if you will but this is how a normal citizen can make himself/herself be heard, for our government and those so called terrorists to stop making a joke out of this country. It’s a plea.


2 thoughts on “Of bombings, bans and keyboard jihadis

  1. Bilal says:

    Nice article! oh don’t worry you’re not the only country :p…. it can happen in my country too “Lebanon”. I think the only way for this to stop this is through education!!! Profound understanding of the true meaning of Islam. Islam the great culture, the love, the sharing. Not Islam the blood and murder!

    • flotia says:

      Well nice to know its just not Pakistan! BUT you are right education is the key and sooner we make these people understand, the better!!!

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