Mixed Emotions

She came so close to saying it all, telling him how she feels.  It was wrong, so very wrong to be even feeling something for him but it oddly felt so right.


It was a very slow sleepy morning. The professor kept droning on and on about some topic they were supposed to be discussing that week.  She had dropped her pen on floor by accident and had just bent down from her seat to pick it up when she saw him walk in. Her eyes snapped open in wonder and curiosity, her sleep forgotten.

“So this is him.” she thought.  She had heard so much about him. He walked towards the person in charge to introduce himself,  all the while her eyes following and watching his each and every move. Then he smiled, the first time she saw him smile and the world stopped for her.  She felt numb and weak with shock for what she felt at that instance was so unreal, so intense…so alien.

“Hey listen do you have a pen? I can’t seem to find mine.”

She snapped back to reality and looked at the person responsible, it was her friend.

“Yeah sure!”

She picked up her bag and rummaged through it to find her pen and handed it to her. She was still in a daze, recovering from the aftershock all the while trying to understand what had just happened. She kept glancing back at him hoping for some epiphany to hit her and explain away the confusion but she was getting puzzled by the minute. Finally the call for lunch came and she grabbed her bag and laptop and made a run for it, trying to get back to her safe haven…and sanity. She needed to think and figure out a way to get back to her senses.

What has just happened? Why did I react this way to him? What was that I felt when he smiled? All these questions she desperately tried seeking answers to. …

[to be continued]


One thought on “Mixed Emotions

  1. Don’t sweat it–just be prepared the next time :>)

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