Yesterday I heard the saddening news about my friend’s father‘s death. He was shot to death while going back home from work. It got me to think about how cheap human lives have become. People get killed like it’s no big deal, taking their lives away in a matter of seconds like they don’t matter at all.

One can’t even start to imagine how it feels to lose a person so close and dear to you. One can sympathize or try to empathize but to lose someone like this is hard to imagine.  But those basic human emotions of feeling for human lives have become nonexistent, or maybe numb. People die every day, but it’s not your friend, husband, wife, sister, brother or parents. People live either ignorant lives or look the other way to all the pain, death and destruction.

It’s when someone you know dies, is when the reality hits you— they mattered. They meant something to someone and then you think about how a life has gotten so cheap that it can be taken away any second without remorse.  One can only wonder where and how the humanity got lost in the plethora of hatred and indifference.


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