Morals and Religion

This was something I wrote after the Peshawar school shooting because I had to put down in words what I was feeling. Such cruelty was, and still is, unfathomable to me. I was in shock and just couldn’t comprehend why it had to be children.

“As today’s events unfolded,everyone sat glued to their phones, laptops or television sets. A whole nation trying to comprehend, where had they gone wrong? When is it going to stop?

Yet again the people of this country went through a thorough beating, ending up battered and bruised only to pick themselves up again and go about their lives hiding their wounds and scars.

Everyone is taught that no matter what religion, your faith in it, is what teaches you about the sense of right and wrong, gives you the sense of right and wrong and keeps you away from sinning. But the more you think of it, the more the lines blur. What is morally right and what is religiously wrong? Is faith their biggest sin? By purging the world of every wrong existence do we want to create a world full of the pure and righteous, or just murderers?

When did it become okay to casually and carelessly take human lives without any remorse? To cause unnecessary pain and create unnecessary human loss? Have we, as humans, become numb and indifferent to the idea of bloodshed and the loss of human lives?

These were just innocent children trying to make a better future for this country and what did they get in return? Death in the name of God? I am sure even God is horrified at what has been done in his name.

I am horrified by the indifference and complete acceptance of evil as part of everyone’s lives. To have lost hundreds of lives in one go and only express the required sympathy and move on with our own lives. Has the human race become this selfish? We are supposed to learn from human history but it seems all it has taught us is to be even more cruel to our own kind.

Our aim to wipe away everyone and everything that is different to us and the deep rooted belief that our faith and ideas are the only true ones will be the downfall of all of human race. “


One thought on “Morals and Religion

  1. No matter what such brutalities and atrocities cannot be justified by any sort of excuse.

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