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Random remembered moments. — Typed out by Typewriter


Tiny Details


Ever wonder about those tiny details and why do they matter and what stories they have to tell? Next time you should. You’d be surprised. – Photo Courtesy Hammad ilyas

Go with the flow

Go with the flow

Go with the flow. Take whatever comes your way with a sense of challenge and conquer it. Let yourself go and stop trying so hard. Maybe you will find yourself along the way. -Photo Courtesy Hammad Ilyas


Conversations that make you smile, conversations that make you cry. Conversations that lead you to enlightment. Conversations that you never let go of. Quotable and crazy. Intense and deep. Of the sun and the moon and the sky and the earth. Conversations, those endless free flowing conversations that you cherish forever more. -Photo Courtesy Hammad Ilyas


Late Nights

Just stay up late, laying there dreaming dreams that make you smile and be sad at the same time. Recalling moments both joyous and embarressing. Thinking about hopes and dreams you dare not share with anyone. Those random epiphanies and troubled thoughts . Or just revelling in the peacefulness of simply being alone and yourself. Talking to your favorite person or penning down words that come to you just in those wee hours before dawn. -Photo courtesy Hammad Ilyas



Books have to be heavy because the whole world's inside them :)

Literaty Pakistan

Culture. Tourism. Critical thinking. Social enterprise.

Hungry, Foolish Me!

Experience. Write. Blog. Repeat.

Babman's scraps

My mind is not a nice place to be.

The Amateur Blogger

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