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Something more….

Just an uncontrollable sadness
Yearning for something more
Of what, I am not sure.
Days go by in a haze
Convincing myself of my happiness
But the truth is
I have spent my days in an emotionless daze.
Love, life, happiness, laughter
All emotions I am not quite acquainted with yet
Try as I may, I cant seem to get
Am I stuck in a cycle of sadness
Wanting more where I can get none?
Voices around me settling to a dull roar
Feeling alone in a world full of people
Trying to escape to oblivion
I am just a nobody
Looking for something more
Just a little bit more….



Deep breaths and long sighs
Lonely nights and sad smiles
Wispy tendrils of lonely clouds
In the clear night sky, floating by
Empty rooms and empty hearts
Empty shadows like a work of art
Broken hearts and broken sobs
Teary eyes with hollow lies
Meaningless days preying on sanity
Sleepless nights calling for insanity

Morals and Religion

This was something I wrote after the Peshawar school shooting because I had to put down in words what I was feeling. Such cruelty was, and still is, unfathomable to me. I was in shock and just couldn’t comprehend why it had to be children.

“As today’s events unfolded,everyone sat glued to their phones, laptops or television sets. A whole nation trying to comprehend, where had they gone wrong? When is it going to stop?

Yet again the people of this country went through a thorough beating, ending up battered and bruised only to pick themselves up again and go about their lives hiding their wounds and scars.

Everyone is taught that no matter what religion, your faith in it, is what teaches you about the sense of right and wrong, gives you the sense of right and wrong and keeps you away from sinning. But the more you think of it, the more the lines blur. What is morally right and what is religiously wrong? Is faith their biggest sin? By purging the world of every wrong existence do we want to create a world full of the pure and righteous, or just murderers?

When did it become okay to casually and carelessly take human lives without any remorse? To cause unnecessary pain and create unnecessary human loss? Have we, as humans, become numb and indifferent to the idea of bloodshed and the loss of human lives?

These were just innocent children trying to make a better future for this country and what did they get in return? Death in the name of God? I am sure even God is horrified at what has been done in his name.

I am horrified by the indifference and complete acceptance of evil as part of everyone’s lives. To have lost hundreds of lives in one go and only express the required sympathy and move on with our own lives. Has the human race become this selfish? We are supposed to learn from human history but it seems all it has taught us is to be even more cruel to our own kind.

Our aim to wipe away everyone and everything that is different to us and the deep rooted belief that our faith and ideas are the only true ones will be the downfall of all of human race. “

Moments – I

She was wrapped around him, their hands and feet tangled in a complex weave. The distant sound of chirping birds overshadowed by the steady rhythm of his heartbeat. She shifted her head and watched him sleep. His face a canvas of peace, serenity and innocence, his imperfections being her idea of perfection. She traced a path lightly down his face and lips with her fingertips and vaguely thought she had to be all kinds of lucky, to be lying here right next to him. A small smile played around her lips, a smile only a person to have experienced that sort of love would ever understand.

BRILLIANT as this is.

Ramish Safa Mobin


In an intellectually redundant part of the world, was an irrelevant neighborhood, where once lived a man known as Basheer. Basheer was quiet, slow and honest. He never bothered the pesky little neighborhood children, nor the pesky little neighborhood men. He never bothered the pesky little neighborhood women either, or any woman for that matter, which is why the general opinion of Basheer was that of an effeminate. In short, he was peaceful, boring and harmless. What the people didn’t know was that Basheer was indifferent. Not the kind of indifferent you and I are towards a particular brand of toothpaste or a movie that’s playing at a local cinema or a parent perhaps. No. Basheer’s problem was worse, probably the worst the world had ever seen. He just didn’t care. He didn’t care if he had parents, or if his hair needed to be cut. He didn’t care about…

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What my thoughts were on this amazing movie! A must watch!

Call back to Sanity


That state of mind, when nothing feels right

That exhilaration, no peace of mind

Falling apart at the seams, tears threatening to spill

While the urge to laugh, sing, dance and scream

Suddenly that one voice, the call back to sanity

All those tiny pieces, come back together

In that moment of clarity……

Coming Home

It was a journey, hard and perilious
Lonely and full of hopelessness

One could see the light shining at the end
After a time of being in the darkness

Oh how beautiful it looks, so bright and new
Breathtakingly brutal and out of this world

Shielding your face, an unconscious move
Unaccustomed to the light being so cruel

Suddenly it dawns upon you, cold and clear
This where it ends where happiness ruled

You feel the smile spread on your face
A feeling of ecstasy long forgotten

A long lost idea, feeling belonged
This is the place, which is called home


State of Madness

Reign in my sadness

State of depression

Love and devotion

Too many expectations


Cover it up

And let it go

But deep inside

you still hope


Will it happen?

Would it be worth it?

Or maybe it will be a dream

To be loathed.


Delve in deep

Face the sadness

Let it rest

All this madness


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